Although always maintaining the heat with stable growth, creating attractive profit opportunities for investors, the fact shows that the supply of hill villas is not really much, while the demand for owning Products in this segment are constantly rising.

Knight Frank’s report said that as of 2018, Vietnam had 12,127 millionaires of USD, up 23% compared to 5 years ago. By 2023, the number of millionaires in the US is expected to increase to 15,776, an increase of 28%, just behind India, the Philippines, China and Indonesia.

The hill villa segment will continue to take over

With high demand for living, this is the source of “gold customers” for super high-end real estate projects. When they have the financial potential, they want to live and relax in “luxurious – exclusive – quality” areas. Not only want to mingle with nature, enjoy the regal life, owning a unique villa is also a trend to affirm the social position.

High-end real estate is also an attractive opportunity for investors. VinaCapital Investment Director said that most Asian businesses always turn to real estate when they succeed in any core business. When the wealth of the country increases, people will buy real estate.

The high-end real estate segment, typically hill villas, is forecast to continue to occupy the wave in the near future. Buyers not only look to a resort but also aim to invest with moderate investment value, capitalizing on idle capital flows while preserving capital, minimizing risks. However, the fact shows that, despite high demand, many people still can not own because the supply is not really much.

Green Pine Villas – Golden opportunity for investors

While investors still choose the familiar direction such as shophouse, hometel or condotel, Ha Long Monaco has a bold and different option. It is a model of a high-class villa on the hill. It can be said that Green Pine Villas belongs to Monaco Ha Long complex, which converges all the strongest points of a high-class real estate project.

Green Pine Villas is located in Monaco Ha Long complex located on the top of hill 8A – the gateway to Ha Long city with a view of the bay. Here, you can cover the poetic Ha Long scenery – the place is recognized as a two world natural heritage twice.

Perspective of Green Pine Villas project

Green Pine Villas has the terrain of “like a mountain of water” rich in prosperity. According to the concept of the ancients, this terrain will bring good luck, fortune and peace to the owner, not only suitable for settling, but also for business and trade.

The villas here have a very unique design style, both sophisticated and modern, maximum performance, environmentally friendly. Located in Monaco Ha Long complex, Green Pine Villas also enjoy a 5-star eco-system with diverse and diversified utilities: hotels, shopping malls, green pine gardens, fruit trees, BBQ, infinity pool, golf course, tennis court, flower garden …

The villas are featured, sophisticated and modern

Villas are unique, sophisticated and modern. With a series of intrinsic advantages, Green Pine Villas is considered as the “focal point” of investors with attractive profit opportunities. This is a project suitable for customers who buy houses to settle permanently or use for commercial purposes, to make resort villas.

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