Convenient location “Located on the central road of Tran Quoc Nghien – one of the most beautiful seaways of Ha Long Bay, Mon Rosalia Villas is currently the only high-class villa project on Co Tien Lake”, the investor said.

The project is also located in the Mon Bay project complex, opposite the century cluster of Quang Ninh province such as October 30 square, Quang Ninh museum, Dolphin shop …

Mon Rosalia Villas is also located near major hospitals, schools, entertainment and shopping areas such as Quang Ninh General Hospital, Vinmec International General Hospital, Ha Long University, Specialized High School in Ha Long, BigC Ha Long. , Vincom Center Ha Long, Ha Long park and CGV Ha Long cinema …

Phối cảnh dự án nhìn từ trên cao. 
Perspective of the project from above.

According to feng shui expert Pham Cuong, this project is located in a vibrant area with a sandy terrain, promising to bring good and good luck to owners in the future.

High-end villa “limited edition”

According to the investor, 57 villas at Mon Rosalia Villas are “limited edition”. Each villa is a complete product, unique from landscape to design, from furniture to service.

“With neoclassical architectural style imbued with European neoclassical style, these authentic villas promise to be a desirable place of retreat in the green nature”, the investor describe.

At each villa, the investor is attentive from small details such as the pattern of the railing, paint color, roof color, gate design, fence, small landscape areas … creating a harmonious scene.

Phối cảnh mỗi căn biệt thự theo phong cách kiến trúc tân cổ điển đậm châu Âu
Perspective of each villa in the style of neoclassical architecture bold European.

“Mon Rosalia Villas have an open design, making the most of the wind, air and sunlight to help homeowners feel the spaciousness of the nature and the fresh air from the bay sky. At the same time do not lose it. tranquility and privacy for homeowners, “the investor said.

Diverse utility system

Located in the Mon Bay project community of the same investor, Mon Rosalia Villas is surrounded by a civilized community of residents, a 5-star utility ecosystem with security systems, 24/7 security, tanks four season swimming, outdoor pool, walking street …

Project residents also enjoy essential and high-end services at commercial centers, gyms, beauty spas, bustling shophouse shopping areas, sea-view squares, walking streets …

Phối cảnh ban công căn biệt thự
Perspective of the villa balcony.

The investor plans a comprehensive utility system to meet the most demanding requirements of high-end customers.

Legal clear

HD Mon Holdings’ representative committed to the Mon Rosalia Villas project with a transparent legal corridor, customers who buy houses receive a long-term red book ownership.

With the available advantages, Mon Rosalia Villas is expected by the investor to be the preferred choice of affluent customers, meeting both material and spiritual values for the future resident community.

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